2011: The Year in Review

Dear friends, 2011 lasted forever. Assuming I don’t forget anything, this is what I did (compositionally) in 2011:

  • I wrote a saxophone concerto! Written in January and premiered by Dr. Wade Irvin and the University of Mississippi Wind Ensemble in late February.
  • From there, I wrote 3 new marching shows, one of which helped Booneville High School to become the back-to-back-to-back MHSAA/MBA 3A State Marching Champions!
  • Somewhere in the meantime, I created this new website.
  • The most important thing I did this year was also the Most Crazy. I’m lookin’ at you, collard green opera. I wrote a while back about the creation of the opera, but I haven’t gotten a chance to talk about the actual event. Let me tell you, I have never, nor will I ever experience anything like it. The Southern Foodways Symposium draws every type of person from just about everywhere, and oh boy can they throw a party. It was one of the most fun and educational weekends of my life. And I got to do an opera! We were blessed with a ton of great press for the event, including the Huffington Post! I can’t thank John T. and the Southern Foodways Alliance enough for such an amazing opportunity. If you missed it, head on over to the Leaves of Greens page for the video, libretto, and the podcast from the premiere. And while you’re there, check out all the other cool podcasts from the Symposium. (My personal favorite is from the poet Kevin Young.)
  • I finished up the year by writing a new sacred song for a dear friend of mind and by finally starting work on this new chamber commission.

It doesn’t look like much on paper (screen?) but that all totals out to about an hour or so of music, which is a lot considering I am very slow to start pieces and I am also a full-time student. I hope you all had as busy and productive a 2011 as I had, and I hope your 2012 continues in that tradition.

Resolutions: Read more, Write more, Blog more, Eat more, Live more.

Auld Lange Syne, Hakuna Matata.


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