a year in three pieces

So, it turns out when you are busy, you do not blog. I can’t promise this will be very satisfying, but here’s a run down of what I’ve written this year:

to a stranger

Early early this year, Nancy Maria Balach asked me if I wanted to write something for a group to perform in a sort of mini-masterclass with Bill and Joan Bolcom, to which I of course said “yes” because why wouldn’t you do that? So, I wrote this weird little choir piece and 8 singers learned it and it went so so well. The Bolcoms said they had never heard anything quite like it and they were incredibly moved, so you can’t ask for much more than that. Attached on that page is a recording of those same 8 singers, conducted by yours truly and it’s really outstanding. (Also, later that week Bill and Joan gave a performance of “The Folks Who Live on the Hill” that is probably the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. It was autobiography. It was stunning. More later.)

Let Us Now Praise Famous Cooks

Not long after that, John T Edge of our old friends, the Southern Foodways Alliance, calls me and tells me he has a(nother) crazy idea. I would have blindly said yes to anything they wanted from me, but it turned out truly special. Read more about it up there and get excited, because there are plans to record those 6 songs in January and then I’m going to expand it into a full album(!)

Abide with Me

Also after the premiere of “to a stranger,” faculty member and incredible tenor Jos Milton asked me to write a piece for a project he was working on about art song of the American South. Flash forward and I wrote him a song cycle, and they recorded it this summer for hopeful release next year and the official premiere is on November 6th! I’m very proud of it and you should all come see me cry.

So, this is basically how I spent my year, if you add in a couple musicals, an opera scenes program, a cabaret or two, and a move. But more on that later.


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