Are You Experienced?

(l-r) David Tudor and John Cage

“If we do a bit of reading- we discover that there are a large number of people who are really interested in how our lives are changing to the point where people have their own lives rather than lives society has given them secondhand. And a totally ordinary piece of music is a secondhand experience.”

“Now, what this non-intentional music wants to do is, by that means and other means, which can be theatrical or architectural or whatnot, to make it clear to the listener that the hearing of the piece is his own action- that the music, so to speak, is his, rather than the composer’s; for the composer was not in the same position as he was in respect to it- on the most mundane level, not in the same part of the room. If there is a plurality of sound sources distributed in space, he actually heard something different from what someone else heard.”

– John Cage, in conversation with Richard Kostelanetz


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