August Update

This summer has been far more busy than I could have ever imagined. June consisted of finishing up marching band shows and summer school, and where July went, I’m not really positive. Nevertheless, August is now upon us and deadlines are fast approaching. I’ve spent the past several weeks locked up in the composition cave trying to finish two new pieces to be premiered this fall. (Click through for small bits of information.) I’m going to blog more about each of the pieces as soon as I can actually get them written. For now, here is a (PDF) link to the brochure for the 2011 Southern Foodways Symposium, where you can learn a little bit about the “opera” I am writing for them.

Every once in a while you have to take a break from writing your own music and write someone else’s. So, yesterday afternoon I took about an hour or so and arranged my favorite Radiohead song. There’s a long tradition of mushy piano versions of Radiohead songs, so I added a dash of Steve Reich just for fun. (But mostly because I’ve been listening to those You Are Variations non-stop for the past two weeks.) So I threw this arrangement together, hopped over to ye olde church and recorded it really quickly. The audio quality is questionable and there are like 3 mistakes, but perfection is overrated. So here y’all go.

Radiohead/Price Walden - Fake Plastic Trees

(As a side note, I’d really love to do more of these arrangements and record like a mix tape or such. If you guys have any songs you’d like to hear me do, holla @ me.)

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