Before you came into my life…

So, here we are. One musical is over, the other is in rehearsal. I’ve just finished midterms. Spring break is next week. Call Me Maybe didn’t win the Grammy. It’s just a very conflicting time for me right now.

The piece was technically due last Friday. (I say technically because that makes my brain feel like it’s ok, for some reason.) And, naturally, it is not finished. Now, there are a couple of reasons that could explain why this happened.

A) I was music directing a production of Urinetown at the same time. Back last spring, when we were negotiating the commission, the performances were supposed to be in the fall, but something happened with the performance venue and we had to move it to the spring. Ok, no big deal. Except about a month ago when I realized that the due date for the piece was the day after opening night. Oops.

B) I wrote a lot of music and about 75% of it is in a big stack on a shelf right now. About 60% of it is probably music that I actually like and will use in the future, just not in this piece. For some reason, I have had a really hard time getting a grasp on what this piece should sound like, and look like, and feel like. So, I have pages upon pages upon pages of music that I worked really hard on, that just did not fit in the piece, no matter how hard I tried.

So, between these two things, this piece has had a very difficult life. I usually take a very long time to get in the groove of a writing session, but I’ve not had that luxury, so I’ve had to learn to just knock it out. If I had 30 minutes between classes, my computer was out and I’m writing. I’ve written and orchestrated a lot of this piece in class. (I still took notes, I promise.) One teacher will not let us have electronics of any kind in class, so I took manuscript paper and wrote by hand. Priorities.

And, naturally, the piece is still not done. But, it’s close, I promise. I threw out a transition section last night though, so eventually I’m just going to have to tell myself to let it go.

In the next blog, hopefully tomorrow when the piece is finished, I’m going to fully outline how I wrote the piece and how it’s all constructed and such, because it’s very different from anything else I’ve written before.

What if I just said that a new aspect of waiting for the piece is everyone waiting for this piece to be finished? No? No.


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