hydrogen jukebox


“hydrogen jukebox” bears no programmatic aspect. Instead, the piece is intended to be a tribute to popular American music. The work contains references to jazz, blues, and funk, all veiled in a symphonic framework. Designed to groove from start to finish, “hydrogen jukebox” invites you to “boogie down” right from the comfort and safety of your auditorium seat.

“hydrogen jukebox” was premiered by the University of Mississippi Wind Ensemble under the direction of Prof. David Willson at the 2010 CBDNA Southern Regional in Oxford, MS.

**Performance by Reed Thomas and the MTSU Wind Ensemble. 2/5/11


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  1. Hi Price,

    I am a music dealer in North Carolina, and I have a band director who wants to buy “Hydrogen Jukebox”. He has come to me to acquire it for him, for invoicing purposes, so could you tell me how I can purchase it from you?

    Jason Gilchrist

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