October Update

Ok, everybody. We are officially 2 weeks away from this opera being premiered and I am scared out of my mind. Therefore, don’t expect much coherence from this blog post.

We had the first full run through yesterday and it went a lot better than I expected. This music is about eleventy times harder than I thought it was, which is usually the case, but the singers are doing an excellent job navigating this strange new territory. Singing traditional vocal music and then singing this music is like somebody making you paint the Mona Lisa and then turning you around and making you paint “Nude Descending a Staircase.” They are both great in their own right, but it’s an entirely different skill set. This is also really different for me because I have never worked with singers before on my music. And they scare me. A lot. Mainly because I’m always worried I’m going to offend them.

Speaking of offensive, I get the most insane spam comments on this blog. The spam bots are always saying stuff like “I found this bolg post realy heplful.” Lately, though, these comments have been getting really passive agressive! Here’s a little taste:

Play inrfomaivte for me, Mr. internet writer.
Articles like this really grease the shafts of kownledge.
Just do me a favor and keep wrtinig such trenchant analyses, OK?

Whoa-k now, spam bots. Let’s turn this all down a notch, OK?

Moving on, here’s some links: Here Nico Muhly talks about what it’s like to put on a project such as the opera and why it is so inherently stressful. Here is where you should all go to learn about Nico’s new opera and hear these great podcasts about what it’s like to put on a contemporary opera.

In other music news, I think there are about 4 different ensembles doing hydrogen jukebox this semester, which is a new record! I’ll announce more here when I find out for sure dates and stuff.

I’ve got Part 1 of a 2-part Spanish midterm in half-an-hour and then a press meeting for this collard green thing immediately after that, so I better go. Maybe I’ll try to post a teaser for the opera as we get closer to time. In the mean time, eat your collard greens.



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