REVIEW: Textura

“On a recording featuring many moments of beauty, Walden's hushed piece [Sacred Spaces] is one of the most beautiful…”

REVIEW: National Sawdust Log

“C. Price Walden’s Sacred Spaces is a beatific paean to the powerful affirmation that a sense of belonging can bring. Walden writes eloquently in his liner notes about finding safe haven in churches as a gay Christian living and working in Mississippi, and his music is shot through with a potent, fragile relief. A crystalline edifice etched in painful light, Walden’s work is easily the brightest on the album—which is not to say it’s free of strife. The intensity of its devotion is heightened by its unspoken awareness that islands of safety are the exception, not the rule, and that we pray for peace because we spend so much of our lives at war.” - Brin Solomon

REVIEW: The Whole Note

“The final tracks go to Price Walden whose Sacred Spaces is a profoundly moving remembrance of the countless churches where African-Americans gathered and contributed to their sense of community. His arrangement of Amazing Grace closes the recording. It’s a straightforward structure that uses some extraordinary harmonic transitions to make this iconic hymn even more meaningful in the context of the disc.” - Alex Baran

REVIEW: American Record Guide

“C. Price Walden (b 1991) creates achingly beautiful moment after moment in his triptych called Sacred Spaces and also supplied the arrangement of the familiar Protestant hymn. He knows how to take simple materials and make them communicate what he wants to say.” - Todd Gorman

Sacred Spaces Oxford Magazine cover story (March 2018)

REVIEW: NATS Journal of Singing

“…a work of powerful emotional intensity and passion…music that is almost impossibly gorgeous.” “It is as though the composer had an almost uncanny sense of how to unlock the richest, most arresting colors of Milton’s voice.” - Gregory Berg

REVIEW: American Record Guide

“[Walden’s] settings of ‘In the Garden’ and ‘Abide with Me’ transport them to a new dimension.” – Robert A Moore

REVIEW: Charming Sets of Recent Art Songs from the South

“…creative, original, and interesting” – Marvin J Ward

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