Sacred Spaces 

for solo piano

  1. prelude

  2. chaconne

  3. hymn (this world is my home)

premiere: April 9, 2018, Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall.

Sacred Spaces is a suite exploring the idea of claiming ground. Each of the three movements has the pianist starting in the middle of the keyboard, gradually making their way to the outer ends. The opening Prelude obsesses over sparks of light and circular phrases, while the Chaconne builds on insistent repeated notes and a ground bass of rising sevenths. The final Hymn is subtitled “this world is my home,” my deliberate response to the old hymn “This World Is Not My Home.” This movement transforms the hymns and piano literature of my youth into an anthem of place.

In short, this piece is about thirds, sevenths, churches, the South, and Beethoven Op. 110.

Sacred Spaces was commissioned by Premiere Commission, Inc. for Bruce Levingston in celebration of the Bicentennial of the State of Mississippi.

Sacred Spaces is available on Citizen from Sono Luminus Records. Available everywhere January 25, 2019.

Sacred Spaces (digital)

PDF file of “Sacred Spaces” for solo piano. 13 pp.

Sacred Spaces (physical)

Spiral bound copy of “Sacred Spaces” for solo piano. Clear cover. 13 pp.

*Will ship beginning February 4, 2019.